Whether you have an emergency or need a minor repair, our trusted experts are here to provide quick and efficient repairs. With knowledge and insight on what could go wrong coupled with the experience and expertise on what to do when problems arise, you can rest easy knowing that your irrigation repairs will be taken care of by our knowledgeable and experienced technicians.


Complete Exterior Concepts strives to provide irrigation repair services to both commercial and residential customers that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our company stands behind our work, and we are not satisfied with your irrigation repair until YOU are!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, we ask that you please contact us to ensure your concerns are resolved and your satisfaction is met. Ensuring quality work and building lasting relationships with our customers is of the utmost importance to us, and we look forward to earning the opportunity to service your irrigation repair needs.


There could be many reasons why an irrigation system is not working properly or is in need of repair. Complete Exterior Concepts understands the importance of ensuring your irrigation system is operating properly. Based on our experience, some of the most common irrigation repairs to occur that we specialize in are:

  • Adjustments
  • Broken Lines
  • Control Board Issues
  • Head Replacement
  • Nozzle Replacement
  • Valve Replacement
  • Troubleshooting


  • How much does it cost for a technician to inspect my irrigation system in order to determine what repair is needed?

    The cost for a technician to inspect my irrigation system and provide a detailed diagnostic report of repairs needed is $95.00.

  • Can most irrigation repair services be completed (once determined by technician) on the same day?

    Most irrigation repair services can be completed on the same day. In the event that repairs are unable to be made on the same day, our experienced technicians will work alongside YOU to determine the next best date and time for your irrigation repair.

  • What type of guarantee or warranty does Complete Exterior Concepts provide on irrigation repair services?

    Our company provides a 1-2 year manufacturer warranty on equipment and parts, as well as a labor warranty on all our services. At Complete Exterior Concepts, we are not satisfied with your irrigation repair(s) until YOU are!